Fogmaker Fire Supression

Authorised distributor for

Automatic Fire Extinction with Water Mist for all Engine Rooms and Enclosed Spaces.

The FOGMAKER suppression system comes in a range of agent tank sizes can be fitted on vehicles such as Graders, Loaders, Dozers, Underground Machines, 4 x 4’s, Rally Vehicles, Buses, Generators, Compressors, Cranes, Trains , Forestry Machines; practically any machine with a semi enclosed space.

  • The patented construction permits the agent tank to be mounted vertically, horizontally or inverted in narrow spaces to save on space.
  • Each agent tank size can be coupled together for additional discharge time or an increase in the number of nozzles.
  • Fogmaker is Piston driven meaning it still activates in the event of a rollover.


The use of Water mist means no corrosion to the engine and minimal clean up after a fire saving downtime and money - It's harmless to People, Engines and Equipment.

Fogmaker's compact and efficient design also has the added advantage of being more cost effective to maintain than current larger systems in use.

Due to the high pressure of the Fogmaker, thick sprinkler pipes are not required, making installation easier.

Detection and activation of the system takes place pneumatically. A pressurized detector pipe bursts if there is a fire. The drop in pressure activates the valve on the extinguishing agent container.

A pressure indicator that gives a sound and light
alarm to the operator is installed on the detector
glass bottle. The system operates independently
of power supply.


  • Contact Redback Engineering for more information or to arrange a demo to see for yourself just how efficient this system is - 02 4680 9203