QDS Attachments

Quote: "Buy Cheap, Buy Twice"

Redback Engineering has identified a need in the market for HEAVY DUTY QDS Attachments.
We are in the process of closing this gap with products that have been engineered for Strength and Reliabilty, which will get the job done without costly downtime from inferior products. On this page you will find products we have fabricated so far in this area with the intention of extending this range.
Call on 02 4680 9203 to discuss your own specific requirements. Redback Engineering prides itself on working with clients to achieve optimum outcomes.

 QDS Fish Tank complete

QDS Fish Tank complete

QDS Fish Tank in Production

QDS fish tank in production

QDS Hitch - front

QDS Hitch Heavy Duty

 QDS Hitch - back

QDS Hitch Heavy Duty back view

QDS Duckbill

QDS attachment duckbill Heavy Duty

QDS Duckbill heavy duty

Duckbill heavy duty

QDS Duckbill Heavy duty Painted and weight limit signed

QDS Duckbill heavy duty back end